Morning lovelies!
It’s time to show you all the great pieces I’ve got in my shop right now.  These will all be finished and sold, or some lucky gal (or guy) can let me know they’d like me to refinish it in their colors.
On to the show….

I love each of these pieces for the details that make each unique.  Love those ball feet and dove-tail drawers on this four-drawer.
All the original hardware is still in beautiful condition…easily painted for a new look or to create a whole new look for the dresser, I might changed it out.
This piece is truly lovely….actually considering turning this into media storage for Matt’s theater.  One problem: it weighs about 400 pounds. 🙂  The drawers are all dove-tailed and this thing is solid…by solid, I mean heavy!!  I can see it done so many different ways…new ring pulls for the center doors, and some kind of glazing to bring out that lovely detail.  Would be perfect as a sideboard, media center, dresser…possibilities are endless with this one.

This ladies dressing vanity might be my favorite piece.  Again, a solid wood (dove-tailed) antique on the original castor wheels.  I do love the dainty hardware…
Would be lovely as a vanity (with the mirror attached) or would make a beautiful writing desk.
I picked up a couple of great chairs while treasure hunting…love them both for the potential they possess!
It might not hurt my feelings if no one wants this three-drawer.  I LOVE IT!!  It should most definitely go white with some glazing….don’t you think?
I do love the lines of this side and coffee table.  Would sell as a set or separately.  I’m thinking of going a pale blue-grey with a mocha glaze on top…a little coastal, yet elegant.
What do you think? 
As each one is refinished, it will be listed on my etsy shop, and revealed here.  I’m in the process of setting up a linked website to showcase each piece under the categories “available for restoration” and “restored pieces.”
Don’t forget I have a shipping account with FedEx, so I’ll be happy to give you a free quote on any piece you fancy. 🙂
Contact me via email if you’d like:
Got some chandelier makeover’s coming your way soon!
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