Well, physically, I am.
Sort of. 
What’s left of me…I’m worn out!!  A couple of things I learned about disney…10 day trip: way too long with little ones.  The idea was great, being away was great, “parking” for 7 days…not as great.
It had it’s meltdown moments, but overall, it was a wonderful trip and I am so thankful to have gotten to share that kind of magic with my family.
Since I’ve had zero time to prepare a new project to reveal to you guys (plenty to catch up on this week!), I just wanted to show you a few of my favorite shots from our trek…some a little artistic but mostly just my kiddos.  Thanks for tolerating! 🙂
Okay, please mentally remove random middle-age dad…and notice how beautiful The Crystal Palace is!  I’ve never eaten there, but yours truly was maybe, just a tad, type-A about making reservations at a few places this trip.  The food was good and it was definitely nice to be in some AC….meeting pooh and the gang didn’t hurt. 🙂
Let me just say that one of my favorite things about Ava is her ability to light up starting with her eyes every time she smiles.  Fall in love with her everytime.
Okay, not really a favorite, but I do love that Matt and I got one picture made together on the trip. 🙂
Look how exhausted they look.  This is day 2.
At 11 am.
Gray with a toy soldier from toy story….what I love is that he wore his pirate hat and carried his sword 98% of the time.  He loved it and we couldn’t convince him to take it off.  So cute.
Except for the night we went to Medieval Times, and of course, then he was a knight, “not a silly pirate, mommy.”
LOVE that Ava got to ride her own horse on the carousel, and that her daddy adores her so.
It was kind of a running joke that I wound up with both kids on the bus ride home each day, while my mom and Matt chatted it up kid-free.  This little shot shows why some days I didn’t mind at all.
Can’t wait to share some new giveaway’s and good stuff with you guys!! But that will have to wait.  Did I mention Ava’s sick?  Hopping in the car to drive for an hour…to the pedatrician’s office.
Good to be home.  Really.
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