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Let me just say I’m worn out!
What a week it has been…so today it was time for a little fun (and business).
Lauren and I got up and out of the house early this morning (1/2 the day without kids and 1/2 the day with) to do some junk shopping.  Well, not really junk, but you know, someone else’s junk.
Let me give you a little background:  (and let me warn you–I’m actually pictured throughout this post-super casual and grunge, too!)
I played with the idea of officially starting Perfectly Imperfect Restoration for awhile before actually going through with it.  I have been blown away with the response and I am SO excited for the opportunities that lie in store.  Originally, I planned to market my restorations online through classified’s and my Etsy store.  However, things have already taken a different direction and I’m going with it!  I am selling online and will continue to focus there, but I’m also getting to work with clients locally, searching for the perfect piece for them, and refinishing their new furniture to give each room a customized touch.  It is SO MUCH FUN!!!  In honor of that, I also decided it was time to find several more pieces to see where this open door leads.
Hence, the junk shopping.
And when I say junk…..
My sweet dad, who is also my favorite businessman (other than you, hubby), found this place yesterday. (I mean, look at these chairs hanging on the wall!)  He saw a man cleaning some chairs off outside of a warehouse, and gave me a call.
Yesterday I stopped by but Mr. EC was on his way out….we made a date for this morning….and I wish you could have been there!!  I actually thought throughout my morning there that I should have videoed…coming soon, though.
I was definitely shaking some drawer in this picture (or leaning heavily on some poor chair). 🙂
And I’m not quite sure what was happening here, but I was probably cracking up at Mr. Oswald….he was such a pistol!!  At first he was more reserved with me, but after he realized I was there to play hardball, he livened up and actually got pretty saucy with me. 🙂
This was such a cute little rocker I found for the kids’ playroom–I mean, this place is 5 minutes from my house….HOW DID I NOT KNOW IT WAS THERE???
Plus, it was so interesting to think about how he had collected so much over time….this place was full of stuff!  Beds, frames, chairs, tables, junk…everything.
We spent a couple of hours going through everything, (and I still haven’t made a dent) and then it was time to load up!   This is just one car, by the way.
I’m pretty sure the shock on my face came from Mr. Oswald asking how my husband married “such a crazy and tight-wadded woman!”  Can you believe that??  🙂  Matt (who you see standing in the background) did walk away from me and Mr. EC several times because he was laughing at me bargaining over $2.  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?
I believe this is me responding to his comment by reminding him of all the stuff I was taking with me…and maybe I was trying to get him to throw in a book for free.  Maybe.
I don’t have enough sleep reserves to post all of what we got, but I wanted to give you a little sneak peek…..
One of a couple GORGEOUS antique dressers.  I cannot wait to get my hands on them!!!
Love the details in each piece I was able to find today.
And yep….those are the original castor feet…..wait until you see that piece.
Ok, that’s it for now…..these items, along with the others will be listed on PI Restoration in the next couple of days….If you see a piece you want me to refinish for you, let me know and we’ll restore it imperfectly for you!
Oh, and saturday shout out will come later in the day; we’ve got some Easter Egg hunting to do in the morning!
-shaunna 🙂
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