Have you guys checked out Houzz.com?
I’m sure you all have, but if you haven’t, hop on over there!
Home Office Inspiration traditional home office
You can create ideabooks from thousands of photos.  Right now I seem to be looking for inspiration photos for clients….and it isn’t the worst part of this “job,” so I’ll keep on doing it.  I think. 😉
Wanted to show you some from my random ideabook….this is where I throw all the photos I like.  No themes or styles…just rooms I like.  (you can probably tell I don’t stick to one exact look–just when you think all I adore is white, i bookmark a home office with all turquoise cabinets)
Here are some more that have caught my eye:

Ben Trogdon Architects traditional dining room

Oh, how I wish this photo was clearer….these chairs….love them!!  I also tend to be drawn to cream/taupe and white, mostly because I think that’s a color palette Matt can live with.  I’m not sure we’re going all white just yet. 🙂

The Old Painted Cottage traditional dining room
Ahhhh, again with the chairs.  I also, of course, love the natural light, the open shelving, and I’m crazy for a natural wooden tabletop and some white painted legs.  I’ve always loved this, but one of my clients, Ashley (hey there!), is drawn to this look so I get to look at photos like these a lot for her! Yay!
My Santa Monica Dining Room eclectic dining room
I am too diverse personally to have one exact design style that I am drawn to.  Just like my wardrobe….target tee and jeans one day and ann taylor cardi with trousers the next.  More target tee lately, though.
The Lettered Cottage traditional dining room
I do love the mix of casual and elegant.  Dressed up Farmhouse….not quite formal, not quite flea market. 

:: nicolehollis :: traditional dining room

Just a good mix of both.
Tin Ceiling traditional kitchen

Which, I’m learning, is the beauty of design.  Mixing styles, textures, and themes is what makes our homes interesting, and more importantly….us.  Like the wonderful play of this grand chandelier with the straight, heavier lines of the cabinetry.  Beautiful contrast.

A Beach Cottage traditional living room

Eclectic Kitchen Sink eclectic kitchen
Love this blue!!  You see lots of farmhouse sinks, so I love the uniqueness of this one.

White & Black Kitchen traditional kitchen
There’s nothing I love more than dark espresso wood with lots of creamy white.  The contrast makes each pop so much more brilliantly together than they could separately. (Don’t tell matt, but I’m already almost regretting the decision on my flooring for the writing room–it’s a whitewashed, and oh, these floors are so rich–but nevermind, I like my choice)
I’m not at all fickle.
*all photos courtesy Houzz.com*
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