Yesterday, Lauren and I were able to go pick up my craigslist table and some other goodies for our attic and for fun….wanted you to see what all we (I) got. 🙂
Had to run in Anthropologie to check out some hardware for our cabinetry–I was only going to get three of these card catalog pulls (because they were $8 each), but much to my sheer delight, they were clearanced….. 
Since so many were clearanced, I got all I thought we needed for our reno upstairs and a couple of extras for you when I redo your furniture!  (By the way, just heard I might be doing 4 pieces in black lacquer!!!)  How exciting!!  We’ll see and I’ll let you in on the details. 🙂
LOVE that mercury glass.  I’m going to try to make myself save those for some lucky client.  And one of those  pretty dangly pulls is to embellish the coffee table I’m working on.
The table I picked up was from an estate sale….I snagged this huge lamp for $10!!!! It’s got a makeover coming its way, I’m just not sure what kind is in store.  I can’t decide if it’s going in the writing room or if it’s hanging out downstairs in the living room.  Also not sure how I’m going to deal with it…paint it?  Wrap it with something?  Definitely going to get a new drum shade…is that one large enough??
Also picked up this sweet antique desk for our little student and the playroom.  I love that it says “Sears and Robuck Chicago” within the wrought iron.  Matt reminded me when he saw it that he had 2 for bedside tables growing up–I had noticed, but forgotten.  What a good idea, Mrs. Nancy!
The main reason for heading north was to pick up my writing desk (which is really a table I’m raising and making a desk).  These are some sneak peeks of it–oh, and those are your entries for tomorrow’s giveaway.

Okay, here’s where you come in….I hope to get started on the coffee table asap.  If it were for you, what color would you want it??  Distressed?  Glazed?  Or you could tell me what you think would be a popular choice.  I’m heavily leaning towards grey with a black glaze to highlight the details.  But I’m hesitant…leave me a comment and tell me what you think!  If you need to remember what it looks like, go here.
I should be announcing our winner tomorrow by lunchtime!

–shaunna 🙂
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