Alright, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve given you an update on the doors.
The doors turning into a daybed. 
It’s because I’ve been avoiding them.
Because the first time I tested out one section it was a hot mess.
Even after a layer of primer, a coat of light grey, and a coat of white, the distressing still bled that beautiful red.  Pretty, but not what I’m going for.
This is what I’m going for….
I wish I could remember where I found this…Urban interiors, maybe?  I’m sorry, goddess who owns this bed, that I can’t even give you proper credit!  Isn’t the coloring gorgeous??
I decided to try a high hiding primer and after two coats…..
We’re getting there.  I did this all today, along with removing all the hardware (thank you, Charlie!!), and spackling all the holes.  This is just one side, by the way.
Of one door.
  Really looking forward to two more coats of white….I think that’s what it’s going to take.  Maybe not. 
We’ll see.
–shaunna 🙂
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