You know how lots of Disney movies have some (or many) adorable animals as supportive cast?
Their little squeaks and chirps are cute enough to record and play for your wake-up call every morning.
On Cinderella its’ Gus-Gus.
Cute, squeaky little fella.  Just want to see him smile, watch him eat, and poke that cute little belly of his til you’re blue in the face.
Well, this is no disney movie.
And when you catch 4 mice in your laundry room in one day….all you want to do is throw up.
Ok, I know that since having kids I’ve let the house go a bit.  I don’t really wash windows anymore or pull out the extended ladder to wipe the living room fan blades. 
But it’s not nasty.  It’s not a little mice haven.
What in the world????
Is it because even though we’re in a neighborhood, it’s kind of out like we’re in the country a little?  Is it because they’ve been living in the attic and we’re demo-ing that bad boy down?  Why are there mice everywhere???
Anybody ever dealt with this?
I’ll take any advice. I promise.
–shaunna 🙂
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