This HOT mess I’m dealing with!
Remember the lovely (and hideous ) chair?  Ok, I know there are some of you that love it….maybe…and I’m sorry, but I just can’t do the ric rac and animal print.  And I PROMISE if you saw this mess up close you would wonder what in the world the previous owner was thinking.
From the paint job to the upholstery job, it’s a M-E-S-S!!!  I got to work on it a couple of days ago, thinking I’d have another transformation to show you by Friday at the latest.
Ha!  No way, no chance.
The good thing is I’m already gettin SOOOOOO excited about the way Darla’s going to look.  (Okay, yes, I’ve named her.  It started as a joke, but I have so many pieces of furniture in the garage, that it started to get confusing when I said, “the chair I love.”  So, when talking to Matt, I started calling her Darla.  I don’t know….I’m sleep deprived….it’s stuck.
Just take a gander…..yep.  That’s a dirt dobber nest!  There are a couple….luckily no dirt dobbers.  I’m giggling just typing that name…dobbers. 🙂  And let me just say these pictures do NO JUSTICE to the amount of staples, wrapped fabric, staples, and did I say staples that this poor chair has in it.
The difficult part is that there is fabric also wrapped around an extra portion of wood underneath the seat cushion….which will be lovely, but a pain to “redress.”
This is a picture of Matt trying to get the seat cushion off after we unscrewed it.  It was completely glued on!  Oh, that’s right, I forgot to mention the glue.  Please, please don’t glue on your furniture!  I mean, I know there are times when it’s a necessary quick fix, but no one needs a quart of elmer’s wood glue to reupholster a chair.
After I had cut myself and my fingers were cramping up, I called Matt to get that seat cushion off….and he graciously did even though he’s sick.  Love that man.
And please don’t get me started on the paint job.  It’s half bumblebee yellow, and half some kind of speckled, thick-coated texture spray.  Whew…I’m seeing lots of Gloss-Off in its future.
Luckily, I had my handy tape-measurer out there with me, or I might have gotten ugly….under my breath, of course.  Gray was cracking me up….he was counting in tens to measure all the tables, only to declare they were all “1 inches long, mommy!”
Alright, about to get out there again.
I know I’m complaining, but it’s going to be gorgeous….I got my fabric in and I can’t wait to see this transformation take place and show it to you!!
Have a great one,
-shaunna 🙂
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