I thought it was time for you to see what all my fuss is about. 
I’ve been posting “for the writing room” and “this will be for the playroom” and you’ve not even known what I’m talking about!  Forgive my rudeness!
Here we go…..3 separate rooms and because of the lofted ceilings, it’s really hard to get a good angle to give you a clear idea.
For the theater (Matt’s man cave):
Orignally this step wasn’t supposed to wrap all the way around, but there’s a gas line to consider.  Can’t we just move it already? 🙂  My friend, Jenny, did have a good idea to use the wasted space.  That little platform will (hopefully) become the home to a cozy bench seat with storage.  But there’s debate on that–Matt is not totally convinced.  Help me, please?
  And maybe a little built in for the wall parallel.  The big debate was how wide to make his doorway and since we’re the ones designing the space, well…you know.  Lots of decisions and my brain is getting fried!!  For now, we’ve decided 2 smaller french style doors in a 3 foot opening.  For now.
It’s a little harder to see these words, but the main thing I’m excited about–the closet that spans the entire length of the room!!!  Hooray for closet space!!!
Another view:
On a side note, I have to say that while I love decorating and helping to create these spaces, I cannot help but feel overindulgent.  It feels strange to even think about having a “theater.”  I will say this though:
We want our home to be, above all else, a haven for our family…our children.  A home they want to spend time in, bringing friends by the dozen.  We believe that our blessings should always bless other people!  My prayer is that this room will be used for good, outside of the joy it will bring Matt, I mean, our family. 🙂
Here’s the playroom….CANNOT EMPHASIZE HOW EXCITED i AM ABOUT THIS ONE!  Oh, just to have a place to store it all!  And leave it all.  Another fun note…this decision was made about 15 minutes ago.  See that spot that says “art corner”?  We’ve decided to use a little of that closet for a hideaway nook.  How fun!  I’ll probably get a cheap mattress and cover it with pillows to give the kids a little spot tucked away from the rest of the world.  A place for tea parties and sailing the seas of Neverland.  How sweet!  I’m SO thankful to be able to see our children experience such blessing!
Alright, and here it is.  My space.  This is (of course) the hardest room to photograph…but after all my rambling, can you see it a little better now?  I’ve only posted about it a million times–and I’m sure a million more are coming!
Ok…so what do you think?
I couldn’t possibly write out all our plans for every detail, but I thought this would give you a good idea of what’s to come.

Do you have any ideas?  Any inspiration screaming at you??  Let me have it! 🙂
–shaunna 🙂
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