My sweet husband is good at LOTS of things.  He is very understanding (even though he doesn’t understand my newest obsession with all things white) and giving, and usually jumps on board with anything I’m involved in.
This restoration business being just another example.  But today he had to go with me to pick up a table.
And we stopped at a flea market…the open air kind, with junk everywhere. 
He did not handle it well.  He was just so tickled by the whole thing.  (Which I must admit I am too)  I could not look at anything without him chuckling.
Good times. 
We did come away with a few items:
Well, this is the table I had to pick up–it will be available on Perfectly Imperfect Res./etsy shop or if you love it, I’ll be happy to refinish it for you!  Love these lines and details…I’m thinking I might stain the top and paint the bottom a creamy color, or I might shock you and paint it a grey/green. 🙂  Email me with any questions.  But we did get the lamp from the flea market.
Yep. $5.  It will probably go in the writing room–distressing this wooden beauty in white.
This was my great find of the day at the flea market.  But let me say…I was really disappointed.  It was pretty much a piece of junk.  I think it may be beyond my repair.  Maybe not.  We’ll see.
But if it’s a bust, I can always pop these bad boys off and use them for the feet of my daybed.
And we got this great chandelier for $5!!!  I’m thrilled with it!  It will hang in our stairway leading upstairs.  I’m not sure about those domes, though.
And remember the chair?
I know I wrote the silly poem, but let me say for the record, “I’m in LOVE with that chair!”
I’ve actually decided that I should name her.  Maybe Darla?  Kind of sassy.  I don’t know….anyway….
I found this beautiful gray damask and some white linen on clearance the other day on  Cannot wait to get started on her!
I am still amazed at the response I’ve gotten with the restorations.  I’m finishing up those curvy tables this week (can’t wait to show you!, and will be meeting with another client the same day I deliver.  I guess I just didn’t expect it.  Such a blessing and so much fun!!
Hope you guys are all having a great night and here’s to some thrifty finds!
As we’re closing in on 100 Followers, I’ve got my mind on a giveaway for you girls!  If you’d like to sponsor one, give me a shout through email.  Don’t worry, I’ll be hosting one either way.  I’m going to pick a little new and pair it with a little “old”. 
It’ll be great.  You’ll see!
–shaunna 🙂
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