Happy Friday!  Are you as excited as I am??
I just need a weekend.  Little Ava did in fact have an ear infection–a very bad one, actually.  The doc said it her eardrum looked as if it were going to burst.  So, LOTS of antibiotics and re-checks to be sure it’s healing well.  She’s feeling a little better already.  And the little miss is on the verge of crawling….
so it’s definitely time for a tea set…..right?
Found this sweet little set for $7 at my favorite antique shop in town!  LOVE the unique and barely-there pink print.
Those are my grandmother’s pearls–I thought that might be a sweet shot to frame for A’s room.
Here it is on her shelf her daddy built for the kids….
Perfect spot.
(Don’t forget to go leave a comment for your shot to win the giveaway….update on that coming soon)
Now, I better get off this computer and go clean my house before something starts growing in the bathroom.
–shaunna 🙂

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