That’s what we’ve been up to this week.
It’s been a rough week, to say the least.  Our attic reno started a week ago and while they are moving along quite well (and I’m SO excited), it’s not been the best noise situation for naptime around here.  Ava is having the roughest time.  She can’t really stay in a deep sleep when there’s drilling going on above her head.  Wonder why.  Poor baby…I also think she’s got another ear infection. 
And Gray has been coughing for a week now….we’re getting to that wheezy place, so off to the doctor tomorrow for both children.
On the downside, I’m kind of crazy.  That’s what does it for me…crying.  Ava has cried and fussed for three days straight and my hair is beginning to stand up on its ends.  I am literally thanking my God for His giving me the grace and peace to handle it….certainly not well due to my flesh, but better, nonetheless.
On the plus side, my creativity is not suffering…yet.  It is so calming to focus on a project, whether it’s a craft for the kids, the house, writing, repurposing some furniture, etc. Upon completion, I find myself refreshed and ready to handle the next bout of crying, etc. 
For those of you who read my little blog, I want to say thank you.  I know it seems silly, but it is such a joy for me!  Writing is such a passion of mine, and being able to share with each of you is a wonderful sort of therapy, and journey of discovery.  I love your comments, your encouragement, your inspiration!  We are growing slowly, but surely…my prayer is that this blog would only grow to give others inspiration for finding beauty in everyday things, creative ideas to implement into their homes, and encouragement to keep on trucking as wives and mothers.  It truly is such a calling and blessing to create a haven for our families to share together.  And I LOVE getting to write about that–thank you for listening!
Oh, almost forgot.  How do you like the books?  I am loving them and can’t wait to share the tutorial with you.  Coming tomorrow; stop by and check it out.
–shaunna 🙂
**sorry about all the random layout changes.  got a a new layout coming, but until the professionals get a crack at it, you’ll have to put up with my constant tinkering. :)**
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