Because this beauty now belongs to me…..
She will move upstairs with me to my writing room–that’s what I’ve decided to call it for now because “office” seems so stuffy–this will be the space I write, create, breathe.  I want  that space, of all rooms, to give me inspiration and to transport me elsewhere.
This chair does that for me.  Is that strange??
It, along with the table that will serve as my writing desk (you’ll see pictures as soon as I pick it up), are both french provincial pieces, dating in the 1880’s.  How cool is that.  So, here’s the thing. I had it in my head to have an actual writing desk…..smaller, dainty, simple lines.  I wrote a post about it earlier.  Even after looking around all over locally, and all over the internet, I just could only find the one that would do. 
And it was beautiful.  But I couldn’t get over the price….and it wasn’t even an antique.  Not that it had to be, but I kind of wanted a story if was going to pay a higher price tag, you know?  I was prepared to take that birthday money and take the plunge, but I just knew I needed to wait and keep looking just to be sure.  Matt and I took an unusual day trip and I got to poke my head in Hanna Antiques.  Lots of lovely things.  I had the desk in mind; that’s what I was there to find, after all. 
And then I saw this:
The kind of chair I’m always staring at on ebay and etsy, knowing I’ll never afford one.  I looked at the price tag just to know how outlandish it would be.  Much to my surprise, it was marked 60% off an already discounted price!!!  The owner loves to buy and sell, to recreate and she was ready for some new merchandise.  (She had a settee that matched but it was WAY out of my price range, even on sale).  I had already been debating getting a beautiful table that would be a nice size for desk/craft table, but I knew I would have to work on it.  It’s a beautiful baby blue, but that’s not for me.  It will be painted, you guessed it, white.  We asked if they could move the chair (half-way across the store) to the table’s booth to see if it would fit under it.  Doing her job well, the owner even suggested I get some little tapered feet or cut a dowel rod to fit under the clawed feet of the table to raise it up just a bit–great idea, I thought.  It turned out beautifully.  For the price of one, I not only got two, but got two rare finds at unbelievable deals. Not only that, the piece is perfect for the room.  She had it reupholstered in a gray-taupe linen, added the nail heads, and bleached the wood.  It will be such a beautiful tone against all the white in the room.   Looking at the chair literally makes me grin like a little kid.
I would love one of those french inspired white linen pillows to put on it, but for now, the one from my bed will do. 
We also ran across this great plantation chair from Nadeau.  Since most of the upstairs is very casual with some coastal influences, we knew it would be perfect.
It doesn’t look it, but it is extremely comfortable.  I just want to lounge in it and read.  Which I plan to do.  When I’m 85. 
I’m thinking of white-washing the caning on it….might wait until I get it in the room just to be sure, but I think that’s the plan.

It was clearanced due to  small cracks in the arm–I know, I know.  But it is SO sturdy….we shook it all around just to be sure (and it does look worse than it is because that chair doesn’t move).   Matt said repairing the cracks would just take a bit of wood glue and refinishing.  I trust his judgement (and his frugality), so we got it! 

It’s temporarily in our living room, and is now Grayson’s new perch.
Here’s to an INCREDIBLE deal!
  Tell me what you think about our finds!  You caught any great deals lately??  Leave a comment and tell me all about it!
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