Remember this guy?
After some TLC, here’s how he turned out….
I am so pleased with the finish.  It’s been sanded down, painted white, and I distressed it with a black stain–aging it grey.  Added a little hardware and a finish sealer, and voi la!
I am still working on my website and etsy setup, so for now the table will be listed here….plus, I couldn’t wait to share how it turned out with you guys!  Please tell me what you think–but don’t be too harsh. 🙂
Some detailed shots….
16 inches high
18.5 inches deep
35.5 inches wide
$50 (plus shipping if out of town-still working on estimates for this, but i’ll be happy to work up a free quote for you 🙂 )
Contact me via email if you’re interested in the table or my services to restore your furniture:
Now, all that business out of the  way….what do you guys think???  I’m in love with it…want to keep it, excited, nervous, worried no one will like it or my work, yada yada.
I’m getting very close to finishing our daybed-sorry, not for sale- and starting the three tables I found the other day.
Exciting stuff…I don’t ever want you guys to feel like this is a “sales” blog–but I’m just excited and I want to share the journey with you. Plus, your feedback will be so helpful!
Thanks for listening and your support–we are growing daily and I’m so thankful for the kindness you’ve shown me!!  Oh, I’m thinking of featuring you guys in all your brilliance and craftiness–please email me if you’d like to be featured. 🙂
Have a great Monday!
–shaunna 🙂
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