Poor Kids.
They’re still sick. 
This is a little different post than I’ve been writing lately, so I hope that’s okay with you guys.  This blog is about all of me, though, and right now i need to get all this out.
I was supposed to teach our nursery class at church this morning.  We are unable to be there because Grayson woke up at 4:45 (and stayed up) this morning with another fever.  And it is certainly okay, but I can’t help but feel very disconnected.  And even as I write this I know how whiny it sounds.  I’m SO thankful this is all we’re dealing with, but I want to be there, worshipping with my church family…I want my children there.  I feel no guilt about our own family time teaching them about our God, but I know they need that support and encouragement from others as much as I do.
I want them to grow up with the right kind of friends (not that church means they’ll be the right kind-but we’ve got a decent shot 🙂 and I just fear being so uninvolved that those relationships are limited.  I know this is a season…and God is enough for me (Psalm 73). 
But I still need other people.
Those that push me to be more like Him and less like me.  I am SO thankful for the friends I have that do reach out and take care of me even in the midst of this hermit crab of my life…..
Lara, your phone call came at the best time yesterday!  Thank you for keeping in touch with me and sending so much love my way!
Jenny, you are becoming one of the most selfless people I know…thank you for coming to visit me…and for being my best friend!
Lauren, thank you for all the time you’re giving to me and for the friend you are becoming to me!
Whew….see, it’s out of my system.  Just writing about that frustration helps me feel so much more connected.  This blog gives me connection to each of you, and thank YOU for that and for putting up with my ramblings!
Have a blessed Sunday!
–shaunna 🙂
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