these new blogs I’m stalking.
Probably a good time to tell you I’m an overachiever.  Like right now I am loving being a Purposeful stay-at-home mom, working on my canvas projects (some for myself and some for sale), writing (I’ve been accepted to the Institute of Children’s Literature–but more on that later), “schooling” Grayson, among other things.  These are only some of the things that I’m in the middle of right now.  
This does not include the normal day-to-day: avoiding the laundry, chasing the kids, cooking the supper, yada yada.
I don’t really have enough to do so I’ve started some new projects lately.  I’m working on beginning my course at the Institute for Children’s Literature (which will hopefully end in my being published!  Yay, dream of mine!!)  I have really enjoyed some good crafting lately and can’t wait to have enough time to create some more templates for canvases.  As you know, we’re finishing our attic and trying to do so on a budget, so I’m pulling out all the stops on that–which is also why I’m hardly blogging right now–and have been doing some FUN stuff to go in our rooms.  Matt’s even got a couple of projects he might give you a little tutorial on in the near future.
So now I’ve decided that I want to own my own shop (which I always have) and only sell one-of-a-kind’s–either old or new, refinished distressed furniture and possibly even works of my own creativity.  So, that’s not a big deal, right?
I can’t get enough of scouring the flea market and antique malls….there’s an awesome antique Louis XV chair for $70  with my name on it—and some white distressing and recovering coming its way. 
In doing all these projects for the house, I’ve been thinking about how fun that would be!  So that’s just one more thing I’d like to add to the ever-growing “to achieve” list. 
Also wouldn’t mind becoming a superstar blogger and have 3200 followers to write for everyday.  🙂
So that’s what’s running through my head as I stalk these great blogs….
LOVE these ladies for their creativity and their ability to write about themselves and the work they do in a way that makes them endearing, not irritating.
Maybe come back tomorrow for a project reveal that I think turned out great.
happy blog stalking….
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