Ahhh….love that spring is in the air.
The thing is, it’s still pretty chilly around these parts, but I’m not minding.  I’m moving ahead with spring whether it’s ready or not.  You know how I’m pretty much purging and rearranging everything??  Well, yesterday, in the middle of all the mess of our day to day, I decided I HAD to clean out my hutch and replace it with all of my white dishes/platters (and some of that gorgeous robin’s egg blue Tuscan collection from Southern Living at HOME.  Love those little tidbits!
Not a great picture, but you get the idea.  Love all that white against the black hutch.
Plus, you know it’s spring when you start decorating with eggs and fruit.
Love those candlesticks and that beautiful beverage server.  More treasures I scored as a consultant with SLAH.
These too….
they’re Christmas ornaments, but I love that they look like mercury glass and it’s such a beautiful pop of metallic color and texture.
More of that hand-rubbed tuscan collection
I probably overstuffed the hutch, but I love a stacked dish arrangement.
The thing is, I know I need placemats, dishes, napkins, etc. on the table, but that wouldn’t work around toddler mania here.
falling back in love with my chairs again….
These were my grandmother’s and Matt and I repainted them….not as much a fan of the fabric anymore,
but that’s easily changed.
still love the lines.
Recover the chairs…just one more thing to add to my list.
🙂 shaunna
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