I might have the best husband out there.
Really.  He graciously allowed me alone time today.  No strings attached–just real alone time.  I got to drive a whole hour away and browse an antique mall/flea market for as long as my heart desired.  I stayed there at least an hour and a half.  I scoured all 3 floors, oohing and aaahing over little treasures I wanted to take home with me.  I found a set of Junior Classics for the little scholars–it included a classic fairtytale volume, along with greek mythology, even the story of pegasus, along with 9 other volumes.  I, like some kind of moron, didn’t get them.  The whole set copywrighted in 1901 and was only $20.  I’ll probably be going back to get those; I’m a sucker for old books. (Yesterday I found an 1800’s copy of Peter Pan that I plan on “shadowboxing” or doing something with as art for the playroom–so sweet.)
Anyway….all that to say that my main objective of late when I’m antiquing or checking out flea markets (or craigslist) is a writing desk.  I’ve mentioned before I’m passionate about writing and will be focusing on that the next few years….so I need a place to do it, right??  Yes, I know I don’t have to have a “writing” desk, but I just love the size, the lines, the way most of them have a very feminine air about them….like this one:
But the one I have found is much deeper and a little more rustic/coastal, like this one:
It is a beauty…distressed white.  Deep counter space and great height underneath to scoot in under.  Comes with a beautifully distressed white chair with spindled legs.  I LOVE it!  As much as I’m loving creating my own look, that’s one piece of furniture going upstairs I wouldn’t have to paint!  There, is, of course, a problem.  It’s more than I want to spend. 
That’s always the problem, right?
Having some birthday money to use, it’s doable, but oh how I hate to spend it all in one place!
But it is gorgeous.  I’m still searching…so if you see something, give me a shout.
What do you think?  Go for it?  I know it’s a statement piece and I’ll love it forever…should I invest in it now????  Or I could wait.  Keep looking for one I can turn into the perfect piece.
But I hate waiting.
  I’ll take some advice, thank you very much.
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