It seems that my tastes are constantly evolving.  When we built our home, I was so afraid of color (keep in mind we do have a very open floor plan) that I painted the entire house beige–a nice shade, but beige nonetheless.  But I didn’t want it to be white because I wanted it to feel warm…
Eventually I have become more bored with that, but due to the open floor plan, I didn’t want to paint the living area/kitchen just yet, so now I’ve painted (and repainted) 3 of the bedrooms.  Luckily my sweet hubbie redid our guest bedroom, laying the floor and even painting it red for me (this is also my office and I’ve always wanted a red office), only to know that now, one year later, I want it painted white.  Or a soft shade of turquoise.  Or pale grey. 
In honor of never satisfied tastes and my desire to decorate three different kind of homes, I thought I’d share my favorites of the moment…..
**disclaimer-some of these photos were taken at night. with the flash. yuck.**
big, wonderfully aromatic candles from Pottery Barn
our black and white wall grouping in the hallway
my “storage place” for all things headed up to the finished upstairs–not really one of my favorites, just thought you might like to see this mess
big, nubby, natural fiber storage baskets-snagged this one from hobby lobby for $10
distressed anything
grey, ooh, grey….this is our stamped concrete porch
grey and white together–even better
did i mention distressing?
scarves, wraps…whatever you want to call them.  i want one in every color (thanks, sweet sister, for my colorful number for my birthday. perfect!)
just fabric, period.  so inspiring.
my new go-to one stop shop…mostly because i don’t have to fight crowds with the kids. 🙂
(one of the yucky pictures) this sweet little tray of pretties in Ava’s room–love that perfume bottle
claw feet
chandeliers–really any kind, wrought iron, crystal, whatever.
but mostly crystal,
the way it grabs the light and sprinkles it everywhere in the room. (looking for a small chandelier for my bathroom upstairs–need a steal, please.)
our black distressed farmhouse style hutch and table–oh, and the chairs we distressed ourselves.  would love a big bench to match.
**credit–many of these pictures below came from Life in the Fun Lane, but am not sure about every single one–I just save pictures for inspiration–sorry if it’s yours!**
white furniture
white, distressed furniture–got my eye on this piece to turn into a wardrobe closet for my room upstairs.
lofted ceilings–excited about the character it will bring to our upstairs.
the possibility of having one of these.  to leave the toys out. forever.
slipcovered couches.  hello….throw it in the washing machine with some bleach…new sofa.
glass and intricate hardware–these happen to be from anthropologie.  yummy.
shades of turqoise popping against brilliant white.
using unexpected touches…love that sheet music as a placemat, don’t you?
Hope I didn’t bore you with my randomness.  Those are the favs for now, but stick around.  It could change next week.
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