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I’ve been reading the posts of Fresh Year, Fresh Start at Run the Earth, Watch the Sky for several weeks now, but this is the first time I’ve linked up with them.  This week was all about parenting….

I love those days when I’m rested enough, patient enough, purposeful enough.  The truth is that’s not always reality.  I’m sleeping little, frustrated plenty, and wandering through some days as I strive to parent with a Godly heart.  Enter satan….it’s so simple and SO easy to parent out of frustration.  It comes so naturally to get frustrated with bad behavior and react negatively to our children.  This is a constant struggle of mine.

I was talking with one of my friends about parenting to “show off our child’s behavior.”  It is only natural to want our children to behave respectfully and kindly to those around us, but we must check our motivation behind this desire.  Is it because we want to see fruits of the dwelling of Christ in them or is it because we want recognition from our peers as a “good mommy?”

Not only is parenting for performance ineffective, it is wrong.  It’s important to teach my 3 year old, my 6 month old, that obeying their parents is a blessing that prospers their lives.  Teaching through heart purposes is righteous, and anything less is not what I’m called to give.

I haven’t read Don’t Make Me Count to Three: a Mom’s Look at Heart-Oriented Discipline, but my sweet and Christ-purposed friend, Lisa, says it is wonderful and it’s NEXT on my ever-growing reading list!
“God, please purify my heart of selfishness in my parenting!  Humble me before You so that I might remember I am still a student myself.  Soften my heart towards my children’s outward behaviors so that I can parent them for Your purposes and not my own.  Convict me of all pride in their “performance” and lead us to a place of intimate closeness to You.  Amen.”
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