Every time I’ve sat down to tell you more about the people I work with now, I just sort of stare at the screen.  I’m serious.  I just get stuck.  This is not because there’s not a lot to say, in fact, it’s the opposite.  There is so much, too much even, to say about them & why I love them.  Why I love the work we do.

And while I could try to put our dynamic into words on the screen that somehow translate to you, I decided it would be much easier to get them in front of a camera and you could see for yourselves.  I’ve gotten lots of questions over the last couple months via social media and email etc., and we decided we’d sit down and answer a few of those for you.

Be warned.  It’s casual and goofy and semi-rambling…so exactly what you’d expect from me.  We’ve broken it up into clips so it’s not a 45 minute video that no one can watch in one sitting without falling asleep.

So the questions today…

Who Are They?

How Did You meet?

What Do They Do?

And also.  Ignore mine and Brad’s banter back and forth about who’s answering these questions and us getting set for filming. Could have edited that out, but nah.  Gives you the real picture this way…