This last couple weeks for me has been filled with loads of planning and scheming and some goal setting (sounds so cliche but what else do you call it?).  This year has brought a ton of change for me, and I’m trying to go slow for the first time in my life.  And yet, not let myself stand still.

Difficult.  Ahem.

I’m working on narrowing what we do at PI, so that I can do those things well…and focus on building those key components.  There was a time when I could spread myself thinner, and tackle lots of things, but now is the time to choose wisely.

One thing I know I’ll keep around is the blog, obviously, and photo shoots…they are probably my favorite part of my work at PI and the work I’m doing in Opelika.

Simple Centerpiece | The Southerly | Perfectly Imperfect

Speaking of photoshoots, I wanted to share this simple centerpiece with you.  I wrote about these shoots already, but I didn’t tell you what all I used to plop in the antique column we used as a focal point.

Simple Centerpiece | The Southerly | Perfectly Imperfect

It’s not perfect, and you know how I feel about that…I loved it though.  We cut tea olives and magnolia from Ashley’s yard, and I stuffed the column with those first.  We then added olive stems sold at Factory South and PI, and finished it off by adding those quirky metal sprigs.

Fun and simple…and cheap.  It was also a good reminder for me to mix artificial stems with the real stuff.  Can hardly tell and it turned out beautifully.

Have a happy Monday, friends.  Try not to miss the weekend too much.

P.S. You can check out the summer stem collection at PI here.