1.  I despise a cloudy sky in the morning.  Something about it screams, “are you CRAZY?? Get back in the bed!!”

2.  I STILL haven’t taken all of my Christmas mantel down.

3.  I have a party here tomorrow night, and today will be filled with much scrambling and straightening.

4.  Maybe I’ll use it as an excuse to paint my hutch.

5.  I’m not lazy lately.  I’m just so focused on my health: eating all organic, counting my ounces of water, and lots of intense workouts…I almost have no other energy to do anything else.

6.  It will be worth it.

7.  I’m a perpetual list maker.  I love lists.

8.  It’s about time to take the all-organic, no processed business up with the rest of my family.  At least in moderation.

9.  Matt may move out.

10.  Ha! That doesn’t even feel funny to joke about.

11.  Ava broke the Barbie doll Gray gave her for Christmas this morning.  Like, snapped both legs off-broke it.  Grayson was way more upset than she was.

12.  I bought “Books Make a Home” last weekend.  A book about books is my cup of tea.

13.  Speaking of tea, I’m still digging a cup of organic Earl Grey in the afternoon.

14.  That makes me feel like I’m fancy.

15.  Did you ever hear that song by Reba?  Fancy???  Loved it when I was little girl…little did I know the plot is a little scandalous.

16.  Instead of singing Adele today, I might just sing Fancy.

17.  It was Matt’s birthday this last weekend.  One of our friends, Parks, says he’s sending him a gold-glittered unitard.

18.  I so wish he would.

19.  I’m turning the big 3-0 next week.  Yep.

20.  I might break off the all-organic to have a piece of birthday cake.

21.  White birthday cake is my favorite.  Favorite anything.  I’m convinced there will be white birthday cake in heaven.

22.  I should probably move the 7 foot trampoline out of the house for tomorrow night.  I kinda don’t feel like it, though.

23.  I’m working on some new blog projects & I’m just DYING to share it all with you.  Very soon, I hope.

24.  I seriously do think I have carpel tunnel from using the computer so very much.  Sometimes I’ll work a 10 hour day and get several posts written at once…beware of this.  Carpel tunnel waits on the other side.

25.  I couldn’t be more excited about Friday’s post.

Okay, let’s see some random-ness from you guys!! If you’ve written a 25 things post, link it on up!  If not, don’t fret–go write some random write now.  I can’t wait to get to know you guys a little better!