Hello everybody!!!

I’m SO happy to be able to pop in and say hi.  I don’t have long to visit, so I thought I would simply pull from my journal.

taken from Sunday, May 8

The time is passing by so quickly.  It’s like watching the stock numbers tick by, ever so consistently. 

Today we rested.

This old girl needed it.  🙂

We began the day with worship at Mateo.  Let me tell you something:  it is a powerful and moving thing to worship with people of a different language.  It confirms just how small a piece of the puzzle we are. 

I sat behind a sick baby girl.  She had to be 3 or 4, but was only a bit bigger than Ava.  She had to be malnourished.  Her head bobbed back and forth and her eyes were weary.  Her mother held a rag under her mouth while she spit up from all the coughing she was doing.  I sent Matt to the truck for some water, and while he was gone, she made quite a mess from getting sick.  We brought her some baby wipes and the water, and while it was the right thing to do, I so wished I could do more.

I’m never prepared for one of those moments….when the pain of someone else reaches in and grabs me violently by the heart.  When tears fill my eyes so quickly I don’t even have time to convince myself to stop them.

After worship, we headed to the Valley of the Angels for lunch and some local shopping.  Who knew I would have to travel to a third world country to eat the best Margherita pizza on the planet??

After picking up a few things for Grayson and Ava, we drove even further up the mountain to the Jesus statue (an almost exact replica of the statue in Brazil).  It was a beautiful view, a beautiful city, and I was reminded, a beautiful country. 

Looking out, and remembering my first trip here, the little girl from church this morning, I know that one day we will certainly bring a child home from this place.  That we will possibly live here at some point or another.  Maybe even with our children.  Which means the grandparents will have to come, too.

I’d be just fine with that.

We are having an incredibly moving and humbling time; I cannot wait to share stories of our night at the homeless ministry with you, stories of the building of the houses.  We were able to build 16 homes in 4 work days!  God is so faithful, and I’m thankful to simply be his hands and feet.

I cannot wait to share more with you, but for now, I’ll go eat my first meal today.