Your brain will drive you crazy.
I did just post on facebook, “Isn’t it funny how going out of town brings into sharp focus all the things you have to do at home??”
And I’m serious.  If ever my wheels were turning, it’s been this week!  I have literally made mile-long lists of things to do around the house. 
There’s a MILLION little projects I’m itching to finish, and still some large ones as well.  Aaaahhhh!!!
In an attempt to purge these nagging thoughts from my head, I thought I’d share them with you.
You’ll either be intrigued or completely bored.  I hope it’s the first….and if not, well, I’ll be back home soon!
To Do Sometime Before The Holiday’s (I’ve got my reasons 🙂
In Kitchen:
change out decor on top of cabinets in kitchen
rake everything off the counters and de-clutter!
make that sign!!
come up with a way to hide our huge toaster oven and its mess
re-hang iron trivets on the island
fill my glass caddy with something pretty to look at (rather than 75 plastic kiddy spoons and forks)
clean out and re-shelf cookbooks in island bookcase
Crafty Projects:
touch up mantel frame
cover books with sheet music
paint lanterns
make kitchen sign (a leftover beadboard project)
paint canvas (oh, how I can’t wait to show you this!!)
either frame or mod podge kids’ beach art in playroom
make art for Gray’s room with leftover wood
paint wooden “8”
old drawer project
another old window project
finish sewing pillows for guest room
paint chest of drawers and list for PI
paint bed for PI
deliver finished pieces
finish and list antique vanity/writing desk for PI
(finally) put hardware on sideboard in living room
hang 2 other panels of curtains in living room
“fall-up” my front porch
make and mail out Gray’s birthday invites (and make decor for the rest of the cowboy vintage party~)
Bring some of the massive rosemary plant inside before it overtakes the back flower bed
order and install hardware for cabinet upstairs
finish front bath
paint master??
clean out kitchen desk (and finally file all the bills)
reorganize laundry room (because it became the fall-out zone during the attic reno)
Okay, I’m stopping.  Because the more I type, the more things I’m thinking of!!  My knee is literally jumping with nervous energy.
Or maybe that’s too much coffee.
Either way, enough’s enough.
I hope y’all have a great day today and I hope to have up SFS later today or early tomorrow morning…and somehow, I’ll list some favorites.  You all shared such amazing talent last week!!
Until then, be sure to check out a couple of our new awesome sponsors, Judith March (website under construction), and Samantha at When Two Become One.
Be seeing you.