Ladies, ladies.
If you could have only been with me.  If I could have just tweeted you all there, I would have.
Because last Wednesday, I got an excited call from my friend, Lauren.  I knew it was a different kind of phone call, because she didn’t really even say hey.  I said, “Hey there,” to which she responded (breathing rather heavily), “Okay.  There’s this building.”
A couple of minutes later, I finally wrapped my brain around what she was telling me.  There was this old building downtown and it was being cleaned out.  She was driving by and happened to stop.  She asked if they would consider selling anything, and the new owner (THANKS JOHN!!) said, “You know what?  You can have whatever you want.”
Did you catch that?  I got all of this stuff for FREE!!!!  Never happens to me!  Even just typing this I’m reliving the excitement all over again!! (oh, and those pictures up there are not inside the old building, but in my garage, which has now turned into a flea market of its own accord.)
Seriously, did you see everything in that picture??
This old filing system….there was a whole wall of these, but it was so heavy, I could only lift the one that was a single counter unit.  Plus, this one was clean on the inside and all the cards were blank….what a cool way to file some quick contact info on clients!  I think I’ll clean the outside and coat it in a, you guessed it, white.  Love those little button pulls and original labels on the front! (you can see a pic of the whole thing above)
The previous owner was a bit of a collector, to say the least.  He had at least 30 old typewriters in there….just lined up on the floor!  How cool are they!!!  I’ve got to look up the info/appraisal on this–it’s catalogued with vin number and everything.  I wanted to take all of them, but our house is literally imploding and I also had to get it home! 🙂  I did come away with 3, though.
I wish I had a picture of the other one, my favorite of all three.  But I was so crazy, I left it there, and Lauren’s got it at her new house waiting on me.  It’s a beautiful robin’s egg blue!!!  What??  A vintage blue typewriter?  For free?  It cannot be!!  I feel a spot waiting for you in the writing room, my dear!  (I didn’t mention it, but all the keys are in great shape, and they work like new!)
Okay, and I’m not a huge Coke fan, but matt’s theater is going to have bits of vintage vibe in there, and I snagged these to put in his wooden coke crate that I found for his bar.  Now, going against everything my father has engrained within me….I guess I’ll have to reveal where I am.  Because I would think the special edition coke bottles give it away. (And since I’m marketing my business mostly online, it’s probably going to have to happen anyway!)
That’s right….I’m residing in the deep south, in Sweet Home Alabama.  Even typing that makes me grin.  Because i’m sure everybody has their own opinions of us southerners! But more on that later! 🙂
And I love all these random brass candlesticks….yes, will probably be painted a bit.  I shot a pic of it earlier in the week, but see that sweet copy of “Daniel Boone?”  I thought that would be a great vintage touch for the playroom.
And he had about 15 old adding machines….again, all tagged and catalogued!!  (oh, do you see that peek of the daybed headboard over there??  The front side is routed at the top….can’t wait to finish and show you!)  We think we’re going to put this in Matt’s theater on the bar counter….so great!  Now, if I could only find a candy shop register for free somewhere.  I’m not sure if this guy will receive any paint….probably not–just a good cleaning and an appraisal.
I love that I found all these vintage papers/tags on all the pieces.  How treasured! 
I just love these old keys…cash, non tax, etc.  And that the highest dollar key is $9!  Obviously, I know it could add beyond $9, but the principle still remains. 🙂
Another typewriter….one of the first in that carrying case.  So cool and again, got to get all the correct info on these pieces so I know what I have….oh, if any of you know, feel free to pass that info along!  I might be listing one of these in my etsy shop as well.
See what it’s sitting in?  Look at this great chair!  It’s got such a beautiful back….but I’ve got to see about reinforcing it a bit.  One side’s a little wobbly, so that will require Matt’s careful handiwork to see if we can salvage it for sitting and listing.  I guess if not, it can serve as decor around here. 🙂
Look at this old check we found inside the carrying case…..
So very cool.
And check out this great organizer I snagged for my writing room—perfect for all my papers, orders, etc!  Again, getting some white.
But my favorite thing??
Had to be the dresser!  A FREE DRESSER!!  I know, it needs some work.  There’s some stains on the top and it needs a heavy cleaning, but every single drawer slides with ease, and it’s sturdy as lead.
You know what else???
It’s completely solid wood and dove-tailed!!!  This is going to stay mine, all mine!  When we move my old desk/ filing cabinets out of the guest room/office, that room is getting an overhaul.  I love the red walls in there, but I really do need a white/pale grey space to photograph all my pieces in….and so far, Matt’s not budging on the living room walls. 🙂  So this dresser will be redone for me!!  I haven’t decided exactly what I’m doing with it, but I see some mercury glass knobs or bin pulls in her future.  I have other clients to please, so she will have to wait for now. Her and my queen chair, or “Darla” as I refer to her. 🙂
I’m not sure any of my treasure hunting experiences are going to top this anytime soon….we’ll see!
Have a beautiful Monday!!
–shaunna 🙂
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