If I could give one bit of advice to new shop owners–Curate your style.

Own it.  Be selective.

Curate | Shop Talk | perfectly imperfect

It’s okay to think a lot is cute or pretty or amazing.  But you don’t have to stock or sell everything you like.  I think all of us shop owners, antique fair blazers, etc. go through times when we  try new things.  It’s good to try new things.  To step out a little.

But the reality is if you have been successful at selling rocks, then you don’t have to start selling dirt just because it’s related to rocks.  You should dress that rock up a bit, or sell different rocks, and paint the rocks.  And when you try something new, try just a little bit.  Try just a handful of metaphorical dirt.

Buy just a few new pieces to sell.  You don’t have to reinvent your own wheel every few months.

Curate | Shop Talk | perfectly imperfect

At Perfectly Imperfect, we try new things all the time.  Some work, some sell.  But some don’t.  We know what our bread and butter is, and we are paying attention to what sells and what our customers want…what they love.

So we try new things, and sometimes they go well and sometimes they don’t.  We don’t try new things because we are frivolous, but because we are calculating what our customers need and what they want for their homes.  Being good at retail (not that we are) involves lots of different things, but curating is one of the things almost anyone can do, can learn.

Curate beauty, I say.

P.S.  We are in the process of collecting a very specific look for The Chapel Market, so if you’re coming and you have requests, then let us know so we can listen to you. 😉

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