Hey friends!

It has been quite a while since we’ve tweaked things around this corner of the blogosphere.  I’m ready to tackle a little blog rearranging and organizing, making this site work the most it can for you.

There are a few hundred tutorials and redo’s, but sometimes they can be hard to find, or at least, it takes a while to find them.  I want to change that and get everything right at your fingertips.  I already have an ongoing list like making the blog mobile-friendly (I know, should have done that a long time ago), and bringing back our drop-down navigation tabs to list all of our project categories.

We’re putting together a reader survey soon, and it will ask you all sorts of things so we can find out what you want.  But, it will be limited to those questions, and I wanted to give you a chance to say what you want without little buttons to click.

Do you want to see more videos, more crafts, more tutorials, more confessions, more posts on running a creative business?  What things would make it easier for you to navigate around the site?  I wanted to open up a forum of sorts today to let you tell me whatever you’d like to see on our blog.  Just scroll down to the comments at the bottom of this post & spill the beans.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and tell me–know you’re busy with plenty going on that doesn’t involve our blog’s navigation tabs.

But if you can, I’d love to hear your thoughts and know what would help us work better for you.  You guys are rock stars.

Have a great one!

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