At first, I was going to write this post about blankets.

Think about it.

Everything’s better with blankets.

Really, think about it.

p.s. i’m selling this wool runner, so let me know if ya want it!


Forts and tents and cuddles and hot chocolate…all better with blankets.

But after I got that far, my mind started wondering, and I just wanted to talk with you today.  To say it’s been a busy few weeks is an understatement, but I love it that way & we love what we’re doing.

It’s funny, we are as busy as we’ve ever been, but I feel like we’ve really settled into a routine since beginning homeschooling and opening the shop.  Most days start with my workout or my writing (except this week…took a little siesta from writing), then on to school with Gray a few days a week (the other days we fit school in in spurts throughout the day).  He and I go into the shop a few days a week after we finish school and working on things around the house.

I’ll be writing a shop talk post soon on what my days are filling up with, but I will say that I’m attached to my 3 notebooks.  I know, I could get an iPad and put it all in there…but I’m a random list maker…I am a jotter.

So I’ll work on the computer answering emails and writing posts and pulling together orders for the shop, all the while jotting.

Grayson and I then head in to the shop, and y’all….he’s such a great kid.  I know, all of our kids are great, but he’s my great kid.  He does some independent school work while he’s there, and he stacks paint cans, and helps me with, really, anything.  I’m starting to teach him about customer service and how to treat people that come to visit us in the store.

He walked up to a woman the other afternoon and asked her, “How may I help you, ma’am?”, and I thought I might pass out from the cuteness.

In the midst of all this, I’m trying to take a little time to work on some projects for our house–more on those soon.  I did walk around yesterday to shoot a bunch of pictures of the little things we’ve worked on the last few months that I’ve honestly just not had the time to shoot and post.

We’re working on finishing Ava’s room, and there’s talk of reflooring and revamping our master bedroom and painting the bath.  We also have to finish our guest bathroom…but I find that I’m enjoying tackling these big projects one at a time, and enjoying relaxed time in between.

Oh, and we’ve had some great workshops lately…I’ve been posting pics to Instagram, so find us there if you want to stay in the loop of our day to day.

Thanks for putting up with the random.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!


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