I’m over the moon for these two.

this flower-bearing little dude.

and this flower-wearing dude-ette.

I do get asked at least several times a day (just like we all do…cause we all ask each other), how I get it all done in a day.

And you know the answer…I don’t.

The dishes pile high, the laundry is my ever present nemesis, and my kids are not even dressed half the day.  Nor am I, but we can address that in another time.

I’m serious.  They live in their underroos.

And something like this usually happens while I’m working at the kitchen table every morning.  Especially on slipcover-washing day.


See?  The underroos.  They are the must-have fashion accessory around here.


This little one, well, she usually pushes the limits and begins to climb on something off limits.  And she goes into time out.  (She also still can somehow twist our hardware on the sideboard, and has officially hidden one of the pulls)


Time outs don’t really bother this one.  She eventually convinces me she needs some no-get, otherwise known as yogurt.

And she proceeds to take a bath.  In the no-get.

Every time.

And this guy?

Well, he’s the funniest man in my life.  I’ve got a few friends that have been telling me I’ve gotta include him in the blog and keep track of all of his funny ways.

Most recently, Matt was out of town.  It had been a few days of mama on call 24/7 and eventually one (that’s me) wears out.  I was fighting raising my voice and laying down in the floor for a tantrum, when Gray, the four year old, said, “Mommy, I need you to do something.  Can you just choose to be happy?”


I was totally mortified and full of love for him…What a little man??  I’m pretty sure he told me the same night that the situation was exasperating.  “Mommy, it’s just soooooo exasperating!”

And I’m pretty sure that I’ve never said that word to him.  Ever.

In the interest of remembering every moment, I think they may come hang out with us like this every now and then. You’ll find them hanging under “reflections” in the navigation bar up top.


They’re growing up so fast, and this mama can hardly stand it.  Especially when the four year old realizes I’m the one who needs to choose to be happy.

Here’s to being a happy mama today.


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