Do you ever meet someone and just know that you’re going to be friends?
That’s what happened when I met this girl.  I mean, look at her fabulous red hair…that alone is pretty cool.
I met Beckie from Infarrantly Creative and Knock Off Decor back in Nashville, and man, we just clicked.
I have plans to introduce you guys to several bloggers I “fell for” a couple of weeks ago….their talent is too great to keep it to myself!
You guys know I’m all over home decor and painting, but crafting?  
Well….maybe a little crafting, but not the real deal with the sewing, and the tutorials, etc.
Beckie is not only savvy and fun all at the same time, but this girl knows how to craft.

She can pull off a smashing furniture makeover, too.
You can also find Beckie over at the CSI Project, where she’s a regular judge and lends her inspiration and expertise.
Because of her love for beautiful things made on a dime, Beckie started Knock Off Decor.
You can only guess what that means…

Got a knock off you want to submit?
Head over here to get in touch with Beckie so you can be featured!
If you haven’t stopped by Infarrantly Creative or Knock Off Decor, you gotta go over there…and tell my friend I sent you.

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