Do you hear that?
It’s the sound of zero Christmas ornaments being pulled off the tree and bouncing on the hardwood floor.
No crunching (artificial) branches underfoot.
No Christmas carols.
I miss the Christmas carols.
Doesn’t it feel good, though, to simply get rid of the extra clutter that comes with the holiday’s?  I’m always thrilled to pull it all out, but I am equally thrilled to put it all away.
This year, though, it was time to bring in the big guns.  I’m sort of a Christmas hoarder.  Hence, a LOT of Christmas ornaments/decor to store.
Hence, there are too many to locate so I can only pull out less than half each year.

time to reorganize.
Now we’re getting somewhere.
All ornaments are now organized by color or theme.  Metallics, red, green, aqua, burlap accents, oversized ornaments, breakable/special ornaments.  
Gets me quite giddy.

No organizer is complete without one of these guys…the installer of the organization.

It all tucks nicely into our remaining attic space.
What’s that sound?
Only my sigh of relief.
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