What did you dream of when you were a child?
And, I mean, really dream of?
Was it a family?
A fulfilling career?
Travel? Romance? To see and do as much as possible?
If you’re like me, it was a little bit of all….or, rather, “I’ll take it all, please.”
I’m lying in bed and just can’t quite turn off my mind, and I think there’s a reason why. 
I’m thinking about you guys.
Yes, I miss my husband, and his absence makes me a bit of an insomniac (and a maniac, but don’t tell), but that’s not what’s keeping me up tonight.
I’ve got this big thing going on in my mind…and I’m dying to share it with you! 
So, I’m breaking the rules. 
I’m going ahead and telling you all about this way before it’s time.
Do you want to know what I dreamt of when I was a little girl??
I dreamt of telling a story, of sharing beauty with the world through the written word.
It’s why I conjured up a mermaid and a blue lagoon when I was six and wrote the whole tale for only my mom and dad to read. 
It’s why I insisted on writing some sad poem after every breakup in highschool.
It’s why I began this blog.  Go back and read the first post.  The very first one.  It’s me sitting in my living room, surrounded by gift wrap on Christmas day….feeling fulfilled, tired, joyful, and whipped…and wanting to write about it.
As I shared more of myself, it just felt so good.  Good to express myself the way I always felt God intended.  It seems as if my experiences have all led to this one place, and first, I want to say thank you.  And I mean it.  Thank you for reading my stories, my rants, about my furniture transformations.  All of it. 
I guess that’s why I couldn’t sleep.  I’ve grown accustomed to sharing everything with you guys. 
So, like stated, I’m breaking the rules and telling you that I’m writing an e-book.  I’m not waiting until it’s all done and flashing you tidbits here and there, staying true to the perfect marketing campaign.
It’ll be about furniture, yes…but hopefully about way more than that.  Everything we record in this world of blogging is way bigger than the tasks we accomplish.
We are constant learners, ever-changing and adapting.  We are teaching our children to work and see the potential in the down trodden.  We are inspired.
That’s what I’ll write about.  That, and a good bit about paint.  Don’t worry, it’s going to be the best book on painting you’ve seen!  Not because I’m good–but because I love it.  I’m passionate about it.  And if I can inspire one person to pick up their confidence and throw it into a project so that memories will be made with their creation, then that’s worth all the marketing campaigns in the world.
So there it is.  Book coming your way.  I’m nervous, I’m overwhelmed, I’m ecstatic.
And because you truly mean so much to me….I really want to know something.  Everything, actually.
What do you want to know?  No question is too small or will go unnoticed.  This won’t stop at steps in the painting process (although we’ll definitely cover that!)…it will go beyond that.
Because it does in real life.  It goes beyond getting the dresser painted.  It’s the look on our little boy’s face when he sees his mommy create something for his room (Cassie, I told you I LOVED that).  It’s our husbands, fathers, mothers, friends learning to love our eye for “junk,” knowing we’re developing the confidence to bring it to life in our lives.
I can’t wait to share it with you, as I’ve shared so much of myself with you already.  I can only pray that it will be what I envision.
Now, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  Hope you can get some rest….I think I can now.
Truly thinking of YOU tonight, friend.

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