I haven’t meant to be MIA.
I’ve just been nuts this week.
It’s just that we’ve been kind of crazy…


slowly implementing a little preschool action with Grayson, and beginning Ava in Tot School, which is just purposeful play.
Building my website (yes, little ole me) with the help of bigblackbag.com.  Have you seen it??  It’s still in the makings, but I’m pumped….check out the link in my sidebar!!
Did I mention Matt was out of town??  He’s back now.
Did I mention that all the stuff for the KD house was due yesterday?
And that my sitter was unavailable until yesterday??
And that I bribed, begged, and basically kidnapped a couple of friends to watch my kids  yesterday and the day before?
So I could refinish 12 pieces of furniture in two days.
That’s where I’ve been.  In “I’m nutso because I’ve inhaled so much latex” land.
16 pieces this week.  12 in the last two days.
And two sore knees, one sore back, and two aching feet later, here’s a peek at my favorite piece…
I cannot wait to send you some more shots and details on that piece!
And because I’m feeling super revealing, another sneak peek…
Anybody have an ugly gold mirror that they want to “faux wood?”  Tutorial coming soon!
Don’t forget I’ll put up the Style Feature Saturday link sometime late this afternoon, and it’ll be open all weekend for you to submit entries!!!  Can’t wait; I had so much fun last week!
Oh, and I have waited long enough…Writing Room bathroom reveal is coming to you on MONDAY!!!
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