Alright, guys….this is it.
My first video post.  Well, the first that stars me instead of my kids.
And let me just say a few things….don’t laugh at the way I look.
I literally rolled out of bed and threw on a cap to get the kids ready to take to Nana’s while I worked yesterday.  It’s bad.
Secondly….the word “disgusting” seems to keep popping out when I’m talking about Kristi’s vanity…..spider webs are gross, not her cute vanity! 🙂
I wanted to take you guys on the journey of these next pieces I’m working on.  (We’ve got a hutch/china cabinet, dining table and chairs, and an antique vanity and mirror)  I thought you might like to see the creative craziness, er process, as it unfolds.  I’m sure it will take several posts as I have to work sporatically, but it’ll be fun!
And lastly, I’m not sure why I say, “Thanks” at the end…but I guess to follow up….THANK YOU for reading, for watching, for listening. 
I hope you enjoy a day in the life….or bits and pieces….

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