After my last update post on the sideboard, I got some questions about our living room.  I guess I felt like I had shown it to you guys before.
I looked back, and apparently not.  🙂
Even though I have a some things I’m tweaking, and shopping around the house for swapping out accessories here and there.  But…I have wanted a cleaner and simpler look these days, so the accessorizing is more minimal.
This is not a super detailed post, but I did want to give you the overall feel…
As you can see, we have a very open floor plan, so the entry, living room, and (behind me in this picture) kitchen all open up to each other.  I am LOVING this sideboard behind the couch. 
A little better view of the entertainment center/fireplace.  That corner fireplace…aaagghh.  So difficult! 
And remember the entry?  This opens up into the living area….I promise full shots, more details, and all angles soon, but I wanted to let you guys see where I’ve been making the magic (with the blogging, I mean).  With no office space, it’s been me and the couch, baby.
Like previously stated, yours truly will get all angles and more details photographed soon.
As soon as I can quit painting furniture.
Which may not happen anytime soon.
So, keep being patient with me.  As you guys are so gracious at doing.

Oh, I finally got myself on facebook.  Look in the sidebar over there and help a girl out.  I have no clue what I’m doing. 🙂

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