Have I mentioned I love blue mason jars??
They are absolutely magical to me.  I love the way the light filters through them….and everywhere I go, I look for them.  I have only one criteria:
$5 or less.  Which sometimes means I have to walk away from them….because if the seller knows what they have, then these babies can get pricey. 
I love the electrical insulator caps, too…..just LOVE that color!  I definitely love it when I can find a jar that still has the seal and lid! 
I found one last week and four of these insulator caps….they were $2 each….maybe a little too much since I CANNOT get the old grime totally off of them!
But truthfully, I don’t really care.  I still think they look great!
Yes, i know this is random….but I was sitting in the dining room and looked up and this is what I got.  I love that chandelier and the coffered ceilings–I wish they were all over my house! 
I’m also going to give you a heads up….I’ve had a less than productive crafting week.  Easter and painting furniture have definitely been the focus this week….and this afternoon I just can’t seem to get it together and finish something!  And I’ve had a bit of a hang-up with Darla….Matt threw away the fabric cut-outs for the back….have I mentioned the chair back does not come out?
So I’ll actually have to work the fabric into the chair frame.  Yikes.
I’m really hoping to have it finished by Tuesday….I can’t wait to show it to you! (and to have it done!)
-shaunna 🙂
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