#60, awaken


From my 100 Landscapes, inspired by my favorite places to dream of: fields to explore, fields that whisper, “be still.”  I’ve imagined myself in these places more times than I can count.  I hope that as you peer inside my mind’s eye, and these lands, it reminds you of one of your favorite daydream places.


#60, Created as a part of my 100 Landscapes inspired by my chapter of The Middle: Awakening. 

“There was a fire inside me.  It was burning slow and low and hot.  The fire never flamed.  The embers glowed and flickered, but they remained tame while I was in the pretending.  I was going through the motions of topside living, and topside saving of all the things, and the fire was low and quiet.

But it was there.  


And somehow, some way in the pretending, the fire began to awaken.  

It came to rise up in the form of a few people who loved me.

It came to rise up during what I can only now describe as a spiritual awakening.  


And the more I was loved with no expectation, the more I was loved just because I was me, human and warts and all…the more the fire was stoked.  


The sparks caught.  


And the flames consumed the stamps, and the love of good, and the guilt and the shame until all that was left was me.


Looking nowhere for approval.  Looking nowhere for a stamp.  Looking nowhere but inward.”


Original Oil on Arches Oil Paper, 400 lb., 5×7


Painting arrives signed with extra beauty and my writing, ready to be framed to include white margin or without.  I prefer to frame these paintings with some of the white margin showing…as it provides elegance and highlights the painting well inside a larger frame.  I love framing mine in floating frames with no glass or a floating frame option with glass…up to you!


*please allow 3-5 days for processing your order to be shipped thoughtfully & intentionally.  Because this is an original piece of art, no refunds are accepted. However, if there is a problem with your order, do let me know!

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