Thank you for considering me and Perfectly Imperfect your spot for hand-painted or restored furniture!
Currently, we are working on a client-by-client basis, shipping stateside and working locally.  Because the blog is as much a part of the work I do now, I am only able to take on client work.  This could include finishing a piece you already own or having me specifically shop/refinish for you.
There is nothing more exciting than finding the perfect piece for someone, and helping them create art in their homes.  That is the beauty behind perfectlyimperfect.
Each piece’s details and size vary, so please email for a finishing/shipping quote at:
I also offer e-services:
30 minute step-by-step personal Skype tutorial= $25
EBOOK, walking you through MANY different treatments and inspiration galleries.  Click the picture below to find out more.
Thanks so very much for stopping by and for letting us create restored beauty in your home!