Fall Tour & Decorating Ideas

By |September 22nd, 2014|

When Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Co. asked if I’d like to be a part of her Fall Home Tour series, I hesitated.  We’ve got a lot going this year, and I don’t do “fall” very often or very elaborately.  I knew it would be fun, though, and I’m so thankful for […]

Clearing Out The Rest, & Upcoming Photo Shoots

By |September 16th, 2014|

Remember that time when I foolishly said I’d be completely organized in 3 months??

Well, needless to say that was a bit idealistic.  I will say, however, we continued all spring and summer to purge and organize, purge and organize.  I think we’ve covered everything minus one closet (that’s partially done) and the garage.  Because we […]

Playroom/Homeschool Room Sources

By |September 15th, 2014|

Happy Monday morning to you, friends!

I’ve been dealing with some internet issues this morning since 6 a.m., so I have to say, I’m less chipper than usual this fine day.  If I get this post out to you, it’ll be a good day.  A GOOD day, I tell you.

We’re back with a few sources for […]

Playroom Redo Reveal

By |September 11th, 2014|

Way back when, when we first began this blog, we had an attic.

A real live attic…

This photo above was of our current playroom.  Where you see sub flooring, that’s playroom space (plus an additional bit of book nook).  After we completed our attic addition, we had added, an office, a playroom, and a theater, and […]

Our Place in the Evening

By |August 28th, 2014|

I realized the other day that I’ve never shown our house in the evening.  Usually I have my light boxes and we are shooting bright white interiors with loads of natural light filtering in.  There’s something pretty magical about light and shadow, especially in a room and especially when the warm light is pouring in…

These […]

On Sharing a Home

By |August 19th, 2014|

Me: Honey, would you mind swinging by the antique store and picking up that door I bought?

Him: Um, what door?

Me:  The black one.  The one with the brass mail slot.

Him: Uhh.

Me:  For the laundry room.  That door.

Him:  You didn’t buy a door already?

Me:  Yes.  The black one. At the antique store.

Him: No, I mean another […]

Schoolhouse Light

By |August 6th, 2014|

It seems like there are phases when we feel like tackling the small or mundane projects.  Matt has been on it lately (thank you, babe), and we’re slowly getting some of those little things knocked off of our to-do list like laying thresholds in the doors, changing lightbulbs in the high ceilings, fixing trim, etc.

He […]

Pool House Makeover

By |August 5th, 2014|

Today is filled with organizing and preparing the playroom for school.  I’ll be filing and sorting and tossing old worksheets and getting puzzle pieces reunited. It’ll be the best and worst kind of day.  Worst in that I’m sure I’ll step on a million lego pieces and become overwhelmed at approximately 10 a.m. before getting […]

Reclaimed Wood Shelving & The Backsplash

By |July 31st, 2014|

The kitchen is mostly done, with only some lighting and decor left to install.  Counters are in, cabinets are in, and just a week or two ago, we finished the backsplash & some open reclaimed wood shelving over the desk area.

I’m in love with how it’s all turning out.  We went with basic white subway […]

Kitchen Cabinet Updates

By |July 25th, 2014|

Speaking of my favorite white paint color, here is a peek of the kitchen progress…

As you can see, the process isn’t quite finished, but we are getting close.  I wanted to share a little sneak peek with you here…I’m in love, love with the simple shaker-style cabinet doors and how clean it all feels with […]

My Favorite White Paint Colors

By |July 24th, 2014|


One of the questions I’m asked most is about my favorite white paint colors.  I’m working on updating the FAQ’s section of the blog but I thought this one needed answering in a new post.

When we changed our entire home from dark to light, I scoured loads of white paint choices…in any brand.  I’ve used […]

Favorite Family Photo Books

By |July 22nd, 2014|

The living room used to be a constant evolving door for decor, pillows, wall art, etc.

Since we redefined our style, and found some key pieces we love, it seems that I’m content with this space to mostly remain the same.  I’ll occasionally switch up a throw pillow here or there, or a piece of wall […]

Marble Counters

By |July 3rd, 2014|

The last time I showed  you our kitchen, this is where things stood…

Things have moved along mostly well, with a couple of snags here and there.  The cabinets were installed early last week, and we were able to start filling some of them.

Hello blissful organizing excitement.

And now, there are counters…

And I am in love with […]

Heather Bullard & The Polished Pebble

By |June 30th, 2014|

I’ve been in photography/styling/inspiration mode for a couple weeks now that we are finally gearing up to shoot more of the look book.  After browsing around a bit, I ran across this styling from Heather Bullard (whose work I adore)…

Amazing styling (and home!), right?  This shoot was featured in the June 2013 issue of Country Living.

Board […]

4th of July DIY: Simple Kids Treat Bar

By |June 18th, 2014|

Hey there!  I’m so happy you’re here today.

If you’re coming from my friends at The Handmade Home, welcome & here’s an official hey y’all.

When Melaine of My Sweet Savannah asked if we wanted to participate in a fun 4th of July DIY, we were totally in.  I […]

Nautical Style (And a Before & After)

By |June 9th, 2014|

Well we are beginning the process of our kitchen renovation tomorrow morning, so I’ll be snapping pics all along the way during the process and giving you more details of our plans on the makeover.

Until then, I thought I’d share a quick glimpse of Lance’s room at the beach house.  When […]

$100 Beach Bathroom Reveal

By |June 4th, 2014|

Being at the beach last week was wonderful, and on top of all the beauty, we got work done, too.

I showed you the in-between bathroom the other day, and it had come a long way from this fluorescent peach wonder.  After tackling a few more budget-friendly projects last week, […]

Boy’s Room Reveal

By |May 14th, 2014|

I’m pretty sure I thought Matt was CRAZY when he decided to build Gray a fort bed & lay new flooring one week before Christmas.

After freaking out for a few minutes (or for several days) about the timing and the mess right before the holidays, I did decide to get out […]

Julie’s Bedroom Reveal Sources

By |May 10th, 2014|

Hey friends!

We’re back home in the states and the trip couldn’t have been more amazing.  I’ll be posting the photos soon, and sharing more about the trip.  It was truly an amazing experience that I have to record here!

Thank you for your comments and tweets and questions about Julie’s […]

Julie’s Bedroom Reveal

By |May 6th, 2014|

Hey party people!

I have a teeeny bit of internet here in South Africa, so I couldn’t wait to share with you Julie’s room reveal!  You guys know Julie.  She’s works with us and is one of our best friends…it was SO fun to put together a space that reflected her sparkling […]