Opal’s Table: Restaurant Design Before & After

By |May 2nd, 2017|

One of the things I’ve loved most about collaborating with the folks in Opelika has been hospitality design.  Ashely, who’s become a great friend to me, is someone I could work with all day long.  She’s smart, motivated, self sufficient, and she’s got a great eye for commercial design.  I mean…wait til you see the […]

Stephanie’s Playroom- Wallpaper Installed!

By |November 21st, 2016|

Whew.  Well the blog/site have been dooowwwnnn for about 3 weeks.  Thanks for your patience there, guys.

Since then, Stephanie’s playroom is pretty much complete.  I only have to hang a couple more pieces of art and shoot the space.  Remember I said we had a little set back with a leak?  While first decided to […]

Design Project- Stephanie’s Playroom

By |October 20th, 2016|

I told you a while back we’ve been taking on design clients again, and when I tell you I love it…I love it.  And I missed delving into these projects so much.  That, writing, and photography are my favorite parts of what I do.

I’ll be sharing all the projects here on the blog, and I’ll keep […]

coastal furniture & dining room inspiration | east coast creative

By |July 2nd, 2012|

Good Monday morning, guys and gals!

I’m SO excited about today’s post, probably because I am so happy to have met these two cutie-pies…

They’re the gals behind East Coast Creative (formerly Real Housewives of Bucks County), and they could not be any cuter.  We were on the Nate […]

Lisa’s Living Room–Before and After

By |October 25th, 2010|

It was wonderful.Even as I begin to jot those down, I am learning as I get older, to remember why it is that I do what I do.  I don’t really need my life to be a mile-long list of paint projects for clients, one design and decor makeover after another, and writing lesson plans […]