Well you know how you feel when you get punched in the face?

I’ve got a bit of that going on, in the way of a sinus infection disguised as a head/face bulldozer.

I’ve used my essential oils and medicine and all the things, but I still feel like a woodpecker is attacking my face.

Whining done, on to other things.


So I realized I had never given you an update on my quest to deal with body image and living more healthfully, and losing a little weight in the process.

Weight Loss Update | perfectly imperfect

Well, after about 2 and 1/2 months, I lost 19 pounds and dropped a size and a half-ish if there is such a thing.

I stuck to my 6 week challenge and most of the weight I lost during that time, but continued to lose after eating lots of fruit and vegetables and lean protein.  I have to say, I did burn out some in April, and got more slack with my cheat meals, but stuck to my workouts until I had some crazy kidney stone issues.  Then we traveled a LOT the last month, so I’ve got to get back to my regular schedule.  Between the travel and sickness and missed workouts, I gained about 6 pounds back, but that’s okay.  I’ll get that back off.

Weight Loss Update | perfectly imperfect

I still have weight that I want to lose (maybe another 15-20 pounds), but what I’m proud of is this:  I’m not obsessed with losing weight to lose weight.  I feel healthy when I eat healthily, and it makes me want to do it more.  I’ve been letting myself relax most weekends and took a break from the “strict” eating.  I’m proud that I know in my bones I’m never “done” working out and that life will happen and things will get in the way occasionally.  It is a journey.  I love celebrating simple victories like drinking very little soda in the last 6 months, and craving sugar so much less.

Not to say I don’t love chocolate because that would be a lie.  But I am less likely to eat something just because it’s there and that makes me happy.  Makes me feel healthy.

It’s time to buckle down again and get a little more weight off…good thing I decided to commit to another nutritional challenge the week before our kitchen reno.


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