There’s so much on my mind.

So much I want to say, and so much I need to work through.  I have this little dream, and it just won’t let me shake it off any longer.

Well, I have lots of dreams, and sometimes I just make notes of them, jotting the wish down on paper so as to keep it tucked away for one day soon.  Sometimes, though, the dream/idea/wish pops into my brain with such force that I cannot stop thinking about it until I just make it happen.

Think Big | perfectly imperfect


The dream of opening my shop was that way, of starting this blog, of writing a book, of having children.  Basically, all the good ones stick around in the corners of my mind.  I don’t have time to store them, because the work to make them happen begins quickly.

My best friend, Lisa, asked me this year, “what’s next??  You have the shop and the online store, and you wrote a book, and you are writing the blog and homeschooling…do you see it all stopping somewhere?”  To which I just replied, “Oh, no.  I’m not done.  There are a million ideas, and things I want to do to expand our brand and our life…we are just in the beginning.”  There are options…online creative business workshops, more videos, expanding the site to include travel and photography, hiring a full time blog editor to work alongside me, opening a second location, and a couple of other projects I’ve thrown around.  I also told her it was time to do something good, something big with all of this.

Most of the time, I have a little dream, and after sitting on it for a while, I’ll reveal the happenings to you after a lot of details are worked out.  This time, though, I  thought I’d just lay the dream out there while it’s still in its baby-dream stage.

I want to take my PI girls to Africa next year.  I want to find communities and women we can support by bringing their products to the states, and I want to share it all through perfectly imperfect.  I don’t know what part of Africa yet, and I don’t know what goods we want to purchase in bulk.  I want to support sustainable, handmade goods and I want to send them all over the world in support of families in different countries.

I want to begin by researching, by asking around, by praying.  By admitting I have no idea how to begin.


I want to get out of the way and see where God will take this, and what He’ll do with it, and I want to see what His plans are.

I guess I got my answer on the “what’s next” part.


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