Now before I begin, let me give you some background.

Our trip to South Africa was amazing (and I promise I’m filling you in soon!), and it was busy, busy.  We landed in Johannesburg on the 1st of May (after leaving April 30th), had an hour to shower before the welcome dinner.  We then had bags ready by 8 the next morning to make breakfast by 8:30 and a departure to the safari camps at 9…and so on.  The safari camps were amazing, and we rose early and stayed up late…

It was a full schedule, and one wouldn’t think that a 7 hour time difference would be so tough, and while I was in Africa, it wasn’t.

Or so I thought.

Crooked Photos & Jet Lag | perfectly imperfect

Because as we took our 11th flight of the trip to make it from Johannesburg to Atlanta–this is the picture I edited (above).

I mean, I thought it was straight, y’all.  Literally, I thought it was finished and ready for posting.  Plus, my eyes were so blurry I didn’t notice the insane haze that’s all over it.

 photo BoxwoodWreathFlowers-2_zps85d256cd.jpg

Don’t let anyone (or your own body, for that matter) tell you any different.

Jet lag’s a beast.

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