I know this whole new year business is supposed to mean something.  New attitudes, new hair, new diet, new clothes. 

Is it okay if I’m just over it?

If I don’t really want to create a (long) list of things to do that I may or may not be passionate about? 

That’s normal, right? 

It’s not that I’m resistant to change.  As a matter of fact, I know that change is coming and I pray that I’m always able to lay those changes down at the Alter where they belong.  But….the small stuff?

I’m just over it.

I don’t want to join a new gym. (Mine is already kicking my rear)

I don’t want to become more tidy. (Who truly has time for this anyway?)

I don’t want to take up sewing.  (Do I need to explain?)

I do want some things to stay constant.  For my family, my faith, my marriage….not for the new year.  Get what I’m saying??

My prayers for this year and always:
That my mind is focused on things above and not wrapped up in my successes(or failures) here
That my husband is first, next to God, in my list of “to-do’s”
That my children see the Lord in me, not just hear me talk of Him
That our family does what is right for us, not what is popular or easy
That I might step outside of my own messy life to see that there is so much to be done for God’s kingdom and for others
That I might be able to enjoy the small things, not worrying so much about how many local clubs I’m in or who invites me to what function
That I beome more reliant on God’s promises and therefore obey Him
That matt and i may be guided on how best to raise our family to be servants, prayer warriors, people who love first
That I realize my own imperfection and never develop a haughty spirit
That in realizing those imperfections, I actually allow God to do in me what He is capable of completing
That’s it….not much, right?
Asleep, yet?
On a much, much lighter note, I am going to get out of my cooking rut!  See, I’m not totally philosophical and dark tonight!
There’s something therapeutic about preparing a meal for my family (as long as there aren’t screaming kids at my feet) and them enjoying it, and hopefully it being beneficial for our health!
But I’m in a rut. 
Especially with the healthy cooking. 
Especially with the sides.
Anybody else like that??
So, I found this cookbook today and decided I would order it when I had the chance….

Super family friendly, and my favorite part?  The half hour time limit on the cooking!  It even had some cute little sections on easy parties for kids…I think I could have seen an ice cream topping party theme…maybe…

anyway, looked yummy and quick and healthy!

Check.  Check.  Check.

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