So I’ve changed my mind. 
Last time we talked (or last time I took the time to care for you, my little blog–I’m sorry!), I was going with navy and hot pink in the playroom. 
Nix that.
You know how you’ll flip through magazines and just be sucked in to a page?  You can’t stop looking at it; you’ll lean closer and squint your eyes to make sure you don’t miss a detail.  You might even read the text describing the design of the room.
That’s how I want to feel about the rooms we’re creating.  I want to be drawn into their comfort, their fun, their surrounding.
I made myself do that in choosing the style for my office, so why not for the kids’ room?  And then it hit me.   Every time I look at the pottery barn kids catalog rooms that have that bright coastal feel, I just look and look.  I looked again, and sure enough, I just kept looking and looking.  Plus, this other blog I read gives me tons of inspiration for color and I want to be that brave!
We’re going with summer brights.  Lots of different color.  The walls will be white beadboard half way up and the wall color will be an aqua/turquois-y color and will go all the way up the pitched ceiling. (all the rooms will be lofted since this is the attic we’re finishing–i’m excited about the character this will bring to the rooms)
Some sneak peaks….
I love this….got an antique window at a flea market for $9.  Going to turn it into a work of art….you’ll see how when I’m finished.

Some CUTE (and dirt cheap) pillows I got at a salvage store for the playroom–also playing up our color theme and fun coatal feel.  I hope the room is happy; that’s what I want it to be for them.  A happy, memory making place!
Don’t these make you happy?
It’s hard to see the accurate colors, but I thought I’d let you check those out too. The green is brighter, more of a mix between lime and grass green than the sage it looks.  It will be used in lots of accents and projects I’ve got for the room.  The blues are the ones I’m deciding between. 
I know.  In the picture, they look exactly the same. 
But they’re not.
I’m deciding between the two middle colors….
The bottom one is a little brighter (which I like) and seems more aqua, but the dot on the top of the sample can looks pretty sky blue (which I don’t).  The top (middle) has a little more turqoise look to it (which I like), but has enough green undertones that it is a little more dull (which I don’t). 
And have you ever noticed how people say “turquoise” when they mean “aqua” and vice versa.  Picture turquoise jewelry….it’s got some green in it, people!
So, which one do I want???
Oh, the dilema. 
I’ll figure it out.
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