So I admit it. 
I used their Christmas money to get the kids something I wanted them to have.
In all fairness, this addition of a playroom is going to cost money.  And they need some things for said playroom.  🙂
No, really, I got them some canvas buckets and art boxes from Pottery Barn Kids.  And they are really cute.  The playroom is going to be painted a vibrant sky blue since it will be shared by both kids.  I kind of wanted to paint it a stem green color, but I think Matt would be excited about the blue.  Plus, I want to do this project and want to paint it that green so it will look great hanging on the blue wall.
At first I was going with “school room colors”, the blue, red, and grass green.  I tend to do the expected.  Pink for girl, blue for boy.  Tan for our walls.  Whitest white trim….I’m kind of sick of being predictable, though.  I think that’s what has lead me to decorate my office so differently….and hence, my decision with the playroom.  It will be painted that sky blue, but instead of red, we’re going to make it fair for
Ava and throw some pink in there.
Navy and hot pink, with accents of that grass-sage-just pretty- green.  Yay!  I mean what’s more fresh than navy and hot pink and green….and SO different from anything I would have normally done.  I ordered Gray a navy and white rugby stripe bucket and Ava a hot pink one…they both have “Toys” monogrammed on them.  I know I’m going into too much detail, but I just get really excited about storage and organization…especially when it’s cute! 
I also got some large flat art boxes…you guessed it…one navy and one pink with green trim.  Loved the canvas buckets, not as excited about the art boxes. 
Well, even though I got them on sale, it goes without saying that if it came from pottery barn, I paid more than I wanted to for it.  It occurred to me as I was (yes) assembling the navy box, that Hobby Lobby probably had some plain boxes I could paint and spend a whole lot less.  It then occurred to me that I have a million china boxes in my attic that are about to be tossed, that I could definitely paint and spend almost nothing!
Inspiration here I come!!
I didn’t really feel like climbing up the steps to the attic (don’t judge, i spent 9 hours scrubbing my house clean yesterday :), so I just grabbed this great Ugg box some poor soul left at my house over Christmas–sorry, it is now being used for storing puzzle pieces in Gray’s room.  I wanted to see if I could make it look like it was a box, not a shoebox painted the color I chose.  I didn’t have any navy or hot pink acrylic, so I just mixed some blue, green, and pearlized white I had left over, and we’re on our way…..
Let you know how it turns out, but I’m pretty confident I’m going to painting some boxes!  If you’ve got any lying around, you know where to send them!
Newest on my room….choosing some flooring:
I’m thinking the far left one….the one in the middle is pretty grey, and while I love it, I want to be careful not to go too cool and limit other neutrals I want to use like creams and off-whites (I may be overthinking this, no?)  and the one on the right is whitewashed, but it’s going to look pretty wood toned when it’s all down.  You can’t really tell, but the whiteside pine has some “distressing” that you can’t see on the small sample, and I think once it’s all down, it will look beautiful, but not solid white.

Now just have to bite the bullet and choose….

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