I mentioned before I love cute storage for the kids–and myself. 
I also mentioned that it’s pretty pricey.
Especially because my favorite stuff comes from pottery barn kids and land of nod. 
I ordered some storage that I got on sale and I do love it, but it’s basically cardboard boxes that you assemble….and remember what I decided to do?
Enter new plan:  make my own with my good cardboard Lenox china boxes……
painted it with pink acrylic paint and added some scrapbook paper remnants to make a tag for labeling what’s in there……liked it, but it needed a little something else…
There!  Too cute!  Obviously, this box might be for Ava.  I don’t know, I’m getting over the whole color-gender predicament.
Just took a a little raised flower sticker and plopped it on.  Don’t you just love it?  Gave it a little more character, I think.  That part is fun–I’ll probably have some tied around the boxes with ribbon I’m sure they’ll be cut in different shapes.  Don’t worry, I’ll show you what they turn out like…..I can’t wait to see myself.

**since posting this, I added another post that showed the final detail on the box.  You can check that out if you’d like.  Here’s updated pics…..
I used my Cricut Expression 24-Inch Personal Electronic Cutting Machine to make the letters, and when I run out of those cute flower stickers, I’ll just use it to cut some embellishments for the other boxes.  Also since posting this, I decided it was MUCH easier to spray paint all the boxes and am working on those now.  I’ll post a pic of all of them together (and in the room) when it’s all finished.  Can’t wait! 
Thanks for stopping by!!**
So what do you think?  Don’t be too harsh, because I kind of love it.  I’ve got 9 larger boxes and 2 like the one in the pictures.
Here’s a (very poorly drawn by me) picture of the storage Matt is building for the kids.  These boxes (and lots of other stuff) will go in this unit…..
I drew the sad little picture to help me visualize the boxes and where I might stack each set–to decide what colors to paint them.  The blue in the background represents a similar color of aqua the room will be and all the lines/white at the bottom the beadboard that will go up about 3 ft high.  I’m thinking some green boxes, tiffany /baby blue, teal, lighter orange than in the pic, and pink.  The colors in the middle rep the color tag I’ll add.  This is just a guess….might throw out the tiffany blue paint for some yellow….probably will.  Also got a long flat navy art box under the green boxes and the same in pink and white polka dot on the right under the blue boxes. 
Any colors you think are missing or any you might swap?? (This much color probably is stressing some of you out anyway 🙂  I wanted to mix the colors but still keep some symmetry.  Don’t worry, you can comment…..you won’t hurt my feelings.  I’ll do what works for me in the long run! But you just might give me some great insight; i’d appreciate it!  🙂
Pick up an old box and give it a try–really simple and I just used things I already had….so technically, it’s free, right? 😉
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