You know, all it takes is one conversation to put a stop to your complaining. I guess lately it’s easy for me to feel like, “I’ve got an infant, I can’t do this now…I am not able to do this….yada yada.

I’ve said it before, but it’s so easy to be critical, to be wrapped up in your own world, to decide your “stuff” is more than “his or her stuff.” How do I let myself do that?? How can I allow myself to be so wrapped up in my own small stuff?

It physically breaks my heart to hear of anyone going through pain, but if it’s someone I know and love….I’m a fixer, okay. It’s very difficult for me to witness pain like that. I guess I have no idea what exactly I’m writing about….it’s just that I’m an incredibly blessed woman and there really are no excuses for me to be wrapped up in anything but that…and the acknowledgement that it’s not about me.

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