Matt and I have decided to finish our attic upstairs!  It will add three new rooms: a home office (my retreat! yay!!), the kids’ playroom/schoolroom, and a home theater (Matt’s retreat–and probably mine!)
We are so blessed and excited to begin this chaos….now that the Holiday’s are over, it’s time to get on the ball and start looking for ideas, etc. 
Let’s talk truth–at this point, all I can really think about is that I am going to have one space that is dedicated to only me–no babyproofing (because there will be a lockable door!) or asking Matt if he likes this color or that fabric (love you honey, but thank God)!  I absolutely cannot wait to have a room that I can lock myself in, for even five minutes at a time, to write, to read, to breathe!  Don’t you just hear my sigh of relief?? 
Because it’s an attic, it will have slanted ceilings and a loft feel to each of the rooms.  My office will have exposed beams and 2 sky lights…love natural light.  All this to say, in asking myself what  I want my “relax” room to look like, it’s more about what it should feel like.  I love the beach, that peace that comes over you just from being there….I love feminine touches that have never interested me before….I love cushy fabrics, lots of pillows, and serene backdrops.  I will therefore be decorating in a cottage/shabby chic style and am so excited it will be totally different than the rest of my home.  (As a matter of fact, the older I get, the more eclectic I am and really need at least 4 houses to showcase my likes–please, Santa??)  More coastal than victorian and more elegant than sweet….kind of french country meets coastal elegance….ooh, I love the way that sounds!
I began scouring the internet for ideas a few months ago, and I found one piece I fell in love with!  On Ebay no less.  It was this beautiful antique dresser and mirror, refinished and distressed this faded aqua color.  Since the walls/floor will be white, it was the perfect pop of color.  It was $99!!  At the time, we weren’t even sure we were moving ahead, so I just couldn’t buy it immediately.  It didn’t sell, but I had no thoughts of getting it. 
I’m coming to my point soon, I promise.  Matt does not understand my desire to decorate the room this way–this does not bother me.  I do not understand how he can play monopoly on his iphone for hours, either.  He really does not like antiques (which I’ve never been a huge fan of myself), and tells me it looks so old and used.  Well, that’s perfect!!  Or should I say, perfectly imperfect?? 😉
To my surprise on Christmas morning, this was sitting in my living room:
There’s so much light flooding in, you can’t really see the accurate color, but it’s beautiful!  I’ve already changed the knobs on the top drawers to larger glass ones that dressed it up a bit.  It’s over 100 years old; I love the history there.   My sweetie had called the seller and got her to meet him on one of his work trips to NC!!  How thoughtful!  And now I actually have something to put in my room!!

The room is mostly ceiling, so it will be white planked with exposed beams and the floor will either be white hardwood/laminate or a gray whitewashed….still deciding.  Again, think coastal cottage- but casually elegant. 

So all you creative geniuses out there, let me have it!  Any ideas?  Online or local stores with shabby chic/ antiques I could refinish myself or buy as is?  Any inspiration come to your mind? Fabrics, pillows, bedding, paint techniques??  Don’t be shy; I won’t use it if I don’t want, but I could use all the help I could get.  Who knows, maybe if I get some great advice, you can come lock yourself in the relax room, too!

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